Being an expat

Life as an expat challenges quality of life

Living as an expat in Denmark involves many challenges. Settling in, it will often be the practical challenges that take up most of your time and personal resources. Depending on your cultural background and your experience as an expat this might be more or less of a challenge to your quality of life. However, settling down in a new environment is often equally interesting, inspiring and stressful and exhausting.

Practical and psychological challenges

Once the initial hands-on challenges are dealt with and the practical concerns lessen, attention often shift towards the challenge of achieving a good quality of life in a new environment. This might seem like a less stressful task, however psychologically it is just as demanding. Feelings of loss, loneliness, meaninglessness and uncertainty might surface.

Especially the spouse travelling with a partner with a demanding career is at risk, as he or she does not have a structured environment with fixed expectations to meet.

Professionel help finding your way

Sessions with me can have as well a treatment perspective and a preventive perspective with the aim of building up resilience, when facing the challenging task of being you fitting in to a new environment, with sometimes surprising expectations.

My personal experiences as an expat

I have been an expat in London during 2011. We made the decision to live as expat for a shorter period as an result of my husband's career opportunity. This Means that I was a travelling wife with two small children of 6 months and 3 years. I Draw on these experiences when I see expats as clients. However, I am very aware that each and every transition is unique and many stories are immensely different from mine, both in terms of the cultural transition and in terms of living a family life with multiple expatriations.

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