Curriculum Vitae - CV

2012 -

DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad Instructor in the course "Applied psychology"


2009 -

Expansion of my private practice, into clinical practice and supplier of courses in healthpsychology


2009 - 2012

Diakonissestiftelsens Social- og sundhedsskole ; Clinical psychologist: Establishing and running counselling-facilities in the school, containing therapeutic sessions with the students, individually and on a group basis and supervising the teachers.


2008 - 2009

The Danish Cancer Society - STOP-gruppen og Kræftrådgivningen, Lyngby ; Project Manager with staff responsibility, Instructor, educating health staff, Counselling cancer patients and their relatives.


2006 - 2007

The Danish Cancer Society - STOP-gruppen ; Instructor, educating health staff; Co-author of: "Smoking cessation for cancer patients".


2006 - 2007

Psychological consultant at AS3-Markana (today AS3 work&care) ; Stressmanagement, consulted in difficult cases


2006 -

Establishing private practice:


2005 - 2006

Employed in clinical practice by psychologist Annette Østergård; Therapeutic work, method: cognitive behavioral therapy, with children young people and adults.


2003 - 2005

TNS Gallup ; Consultant, project manager, doing in-depth interviews, focus groups and analytical work.


2003 - 2004

The Danish Sclerosis Society ; Therapeutic work, individually and on a group basis, young people and adults.


2001 - 2002

Hvidovre Psykiatrisk Hospital; Assistant on a researchproject on schizophrenia.


Education (courses)


"Couples Counseling (EFT and IMAGO)" v. Jette Simon

"Compassion Focused Therapy" v. Paul Gilbert

"Gender and Health Through Life" - Conference, 2 dg.

2011 - 2012

Specialistuddannelsens voksenmodul

Differential diagnostics (4 days)

Assessment v. Christian Møller Pedersen(4 days)

Personality disorders v. Per Sørensen, Overlæge, PhD og Sebastian Simonsen (3 days)

Choosing the correct intervention v.Lennart Holm (2 days)

Legislation and ethics v. Jytte Gandløse (2 days)


"Transcultural psychology" v. Nike Brandt Poulsen (3 days)

"Change and loss" v. Ernesto Spinelli og Ulla Giersing (2 days)


"Project management" - 4 modules


"Stress reduction with mindfulness", experiential course, 8 weeks with 2 hourly sessions once a week plus daily meditative assignments and cognitive/behavioural tasks


4 days residential course in Mindfullness therapy, "Stressreduction with mindfulness"


"Grief and crisis in adults", v. Jakob Inge Kristoffersen (3 days)


My supervision and Personal Therapy

2006 - 2014

Personal therapy withUlla Giersing (existential psychotherapy)


2005 - 2013

Supervision, group Ulla Giersing (existential psychotherapy)

Supervision, group, Ulla Wattar (Cognitive behavioural therapy)

Supervision, individually with Karin Jaspers (existential psychotherapy)

Supervision, individually with Ulla Giersing (existential psychotherapy)

Supervision, individually withAnnette Østergård, (Cognitive behavioural therapy)



Coaching in the role as a manager holding personal responsibilities (Ditte Haslund, Haslund & Alsted)

International experience

Expatriation, London, UK

1996 – 1997


Co-worker at William Morris House, Camphill community (volunteer), Gloucester, UK

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