Couples Counseling

Most often couples seek counseling, when conflicts in the relationship remain unresolved.

You may have the same argument over and over again or you may have "given up" communicating about more than the purely practical concerns.


Couples counseling has the dual purpose of helping you find a way to resolve conflicts together and also to rekindle and strengthen the fundation of your relationship. I will encourage you to do exercises at home to supplement the work we do during sessions. However, this is no requirement.

Through cuoples qounselling you will experience new insights about yourself and your partner.This increased insight will help you find the way to care for yourself and your partner in a way that protects and nurtures your relationship.


Conflicts are basic to human relationships. The goal of therapy is therefore not to rid the couples life for conflict, but instead to reach a fundamental trust in each other, which enables you to solve conflicts and reestablish a safe and lovign conncection.

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