Relationship in Crisis

Have you lost the passion in your relationship?

Or is your partner becoming increasingly distant? Both scenarios can make you question whether you are in the right relationship.

Making the choice of sharing your life with another person requires love and also will and hard work. We must deal with conflicts, make compromises and accept things we find annoying and unfair. And from this follows that we might once in a while question whether it is worth the effort.

 When distance seems to be the safer option

Dissatisfaction in the relationship is often expressed by changes in sex life, fewer conversations, increasing conflicts or even no conflicts at all.You might be looking for confirmation elsewhere or become afraid that your partner will. Feelings of shame, low self worth, sadness, frustration and anger are common.

Seek professionel help here

The consequences of involving your partner in ambivalence concerning your relationship can seem almost unbearable. However, often it os also an obvious necessary step towards healing. Often it is helpful to have a private space to gain more insight in your thoughts and feelings regarding the relationship before you involve your partner.

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