Student discount

Students face a great deal of pressure.

Both in terms of doing well at exams and in terms of choosing a future path in life. I offer a small student discounts, only applicable for students who have moved away from home.

Student price

Price individual session, 50 min:                                       1000kr

Price individual session, 75 min:                                       1550kr

Tacha`s experience working with student-related issues

From 2009-2012 I worked at a school of Health and Social Care. My job was to help students with problems in their private life and to help the handle and overcome difficulties at school. This work has given me a solid experience with the issues young people struggle with, in particular:

  • Exam and performance related anxiety
  • Difficulties in the social context at school, e.g. bullying and group conflicts
  • Anxiety and doubts in relation to education and the future
  • Adapting and thriving at school amd during internships
  • Sadness, depression

In my practice I frequently see students from the Danish gymnasium and the univerisities in Copenhagen. Our sessions revolve around themes from their personal life as well as student related isuses, such as exam and performance anxiety.

News: Finansial support through health insurance f.i. DANMARK or Skandia. Contact your provider for further information

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