Chronic/severe illness

When you or a person close to you is diagnosed with illness that is serious and or chronic it is often a lifealtering experience.

Getting professional help when sufflering from illness

A psychologist will provide support for you and your family throughout the course of the illness, one aspect that is often important is the fact that both the person diagnosed with the disease and his or her relatives are severely affected. At the same time different family members' emotional and practical needs can be extremely different and therefore difficult to accept and tolerate for the others.

I often see how the illness changes the basic beliefs that we have trusted in and relied on when dealing with life up until now. This can leave helpless and facing that we might love what is most important to us.This life changing experience might affect you during the course of the illness, but it is not uncommon that it does not appear until you are actually well or at least in a more stable phase of the illness.

I have extensive experience working with clients living with serious and or chronic illness and their relatives. For further reference see my cv.

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